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Default Re: New experiment: Nakhla DA + Phunnel Bowl

Originally Posted by Adhere View Post
I have tried Nakhla DA tightly packed in a vortex bowl, and it works just as well, i recommend not letting too much of the shisha get burnt unto the foil, as it will give a metal burning ashy taste, just like my most recent bowl at 3am before i go to sleep, the one before though, while it was packed but alitte to no touching on the foil was about perfect, almost AF sized clouds with great flavor and taste, and it doesnt take me as long to pack the bowl as i just have to tear it off bit by bit and put it in the bowl. So i'll just to it tightly packed from now on with trying not to let it hit the foil because i came back from a quesy sort of buzz as found out most of the top layer stuck to the foil.
tear it off? are you just ripping it off the solid brick? if so you need to put it in a bag and mix it up, it will smoke better

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