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Thumbs up Keep your hookah cleaner, get aluminum pie plates

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I noticed along time ago when I first started smoking hookah how alot of people use the ashtray on their hookah as a trash can. LOL I have never done that. I bought some aluminum pie plates and use 1 for ashing my coals on and the other as a catch all/trashcan. Instead of ashing the coals in the tray on my hookah I move the pie plate close to the bowl and drop the coal into it. I get all the ashes off the coal and return it to the bowl. After I'm sure there are no hot ashes in the plate I dump it in the catch all/trash plate. I use the trash plate for extinguishing coals and spent shisha and foil clumps too. When everything in the plate is cooled down I dump it in the trash. This way the ash tray on my hookah remains rather clean other than a stray ash or some shisha juice drippings. Just an idea I thought I'd throw out there. I have been doing this since day 1. I replace both plates about every 2 months.[/FONT]
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