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Default Re: Smoking sickness:(

Wishing- I get headaches the next day as well. I mean so bad that they make you puke, and have vertigo ( like my regular migraines would)

I just try to pace myself , like everyone else said, drink lots of water, * drink some coca a cola in the red can* YOU NEED POTASSIUM AS WELL!!!! a lot of people forget this!!!!!! Eat, and I usually know if i'm going to be sick in the morning, so I take 2 excedrins to try and knock it out while I sleep. (Don't go to bed with a hookah headache w/ out taking medicine, my luck it's always there when I wake up or even worse!!!!!)

Another reason you could be having these fits is because of low blood pressure, i have LBP and if i smoke and don't do the above mentioned, i will get super sick. If it continues even after you do the above, you make want to get your blood pressure checked.


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