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Default Re: Woo I just made my own shisha!

tbh I was looking at recipes and just tried to rationalise a way to remove the flavour of the tobbacco infuse it with my own flavours and then give it a consistency so that it wouldnt burn too fast so:
I boiled the tobbacco with quite a large amount of water adding cinnamon sticks cardamom and whole cloves and let the water boil away for a while I then added a small amount of water glycerin and honey to a seperate bowl and soaked the drained tobbacco in that for a while then I drained the tobbacco again after mixing it and let it dry then i sqeeuzed any excess water out of it and let it dry again then added more glycerin and mixed it all toghether with my fingers once it was dry i loaded a bowl and smoked it easy peasy!
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