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Default Re: My new baby ..... KM Tri Metal 40" ... Straight from the KM Shop in Cai

Originally Posted by hookah-happy View Post
So what is the price range of KM's over there? Is this one of the more expensive ones?
Yep ... the stem cost me almost double what the dual metal chiller stem did ...... there was a more beautiful, taller stem made fully from brass, however it was the last piece on display and was in a kinda bad shape due to several shoppers abusing it .....

Originally Posted by Dunkel View Post
So, John you get KM's for less than $37 wholesale? Nice! Hook me up with a $50 Bahiya (not the one with the flowery vase), I won't use any discount codes!
John u got urself in trouble when u divulged this piece of information !
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