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Default Jumping on the km bandwagon...

I just ordered a 40" km exotica hookah today and I cannot wait to get it, since my last large hookah rusted over I have been stuck with my mya qt as my only hookah, so I figured I would go 40" to compensate... lol

But on a more serious level, I have heard nothing but good things about these hookah's, and I do plan on letting this be the last hookah I ever buy, so hopefully it lives up to its hype...

There are a few people here with kms and there where acouple things I was wondering about though, which I will probably have to wait a week to find out...

First off, does the bottom of the stem being rounded have an effect on the smoke, I know the little bolt looking thing almost worked as a diffuser by breaking the bubbles up more, but Im not sure what effect having it rounded would do....

Second with more height will it effect the draw, I figured even if it does It would be a better draw than your standard hookah anyways.

Im not trying to brag about it or anything I just want to know as much as possible about these hookah's, I have only owned 4 hookahs in my life, 2 mya's an acrilyc and the qt, an egyptian, and the cheap piece of trash The Ice torrent which now lives its days out as a reading lamp...

So please Educate me on the ways of the km, lol.
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