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Default Re: (sigh) just smoked another cigarette

Originally Posted by SonOfGram View Post
Cold turkey is probably the best way to quit, haven't tried dokha yet though.

But to a heavy smoker (even half a pack a day) neither nakhla nor dm will do much in respect to replacing cigarettes, I barely get any nakhla buzz (with the exception of earl grey, khan and other black tobaccos), same with dm, there is a slight buzz, but nothing that can replace an addiction to a cigarette smoke.
Three things on this:
I have dokha, it's delicious, but I never smoked cigarettes, so IDK about it helping you quit.

earl grey = black tobacco? what? :3

Perhaps several daily preparations would help, of the heavier stuff (DM, Nak, AFSoft Black)

Lastly according to Kamal Chaouachi, heavy hookah smoking is still healthier than cigarette smoking
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