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Default Re: Hookah Problems

There can be only two things that could lead to this, neither is coal or tobacco. Either you have a non-washable hose that is rusting or you have a common chamber hookah.

The only thing you can do is wash out your hookah thoroughly if it it just crap inside it. If it is a common chamber hookah and is rusting unfortunately you need a new hookah because breathing in pieces of rust is not healthy for you.

More than likely it will be your hose, the common hose you get with your hookah is just spiraled metal with a leather or synthetic wrapping around it so if you wash these out eventually the metal inside starts to rust.

If you do buy a new hose and don't want to spend $20 or so just get another cheap hose and DO NOT wash it out.

Another thing you can do if you are handy is just go buy some flexible rubber or plastic hose from home depot and take off your wooden ends of your hose now and glue them on the new hose to the wooden ends. It is very easy to do and only takes about 15 min of work, although make sure the glue is 100% dry and wash it out before you use it, otherwise you will taste the glue.

Just to explain, when I say common chamber it means that the hose stem and the blow off stem share the same area without having individual tubes running down into the vase.

Hope this helps you out and please feel free to message me for detailed instructions to make the hose if needed.
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