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Default Re: Introduction and a few questions of course.

Originally Posted by bradedup View Post
The hookah stem in your link is definately machine made, probably in china the bowl is chinese and the hose ports are a giveaway for a chinese hookah. Also the fact that it has 4 hoses. Whoever bought that...put it on a nice vase made by this elusive "zanobia". But the stem is probably garbage.

Did the hookah you saw also exhibit these features? If it did, it is more than likely garbage. Is it possible zanobia only manufactures vases?
the base except for color looked exactly like this but it clear "crystal" with camels etched into the glass. The camels didnt match to the .001 but they very neatly done by hand. This is the base I'll be buying if I can't find the matching "center" to go with it. The leather case in came in was tagged "hand made by Zanobia group". The pricw at the haji shop was 150.00. I'm assuming here online it will run above 200.00 easily.
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