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Default Re: Ordering from John tomorrow...

Originally Posted by BobMarley View Post
Hey guys, just wondering what you thought of my probable order from John tomorrow. The hose I definitely NEED, but I might be persuaded to buy other shisha...

I've been contemplating what to buy since Sunday.

1x Grand Washable Egyptian Hose
250g Nakhla Chocomint
250g Nakhla Sweet Melon
250g Nakhla Double Apple
250g Starbuzz Blue Mist
50g Al Fakher Cafe Latte (yum!)

All in all it will be about 80 dollars, including shipping. It's too bad I don't have more to spend because I really, really want to try some Tangiers.

Tell me what you think. Oh and I haven't tried any of those shisha except for the Cafe Latte.... Mmm...
i prefer the nammor hoses, never held that hose
-hell yes
-decent, its great at first but after a few smokes it gets to be very ripe (great to mix with citrus flavors)
-o ya, great DA, make sure to leave a decent gap and tamp it nicely (i found that makes it smoke a bit better that way)
-ehh its ok, not bad but it is pretty candyish
-never had that AF so idk, not a fan of AF though, if it was me i would buy the nakhla version

good order though, make sure you have enough coals
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