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Default Re: What would you expect...

well first we will begin with the order which was from placed on 2/11/2008

1 Monster Pack (Exotica Coals) $39.95

1 Tangiers Shisha 250g $12.95

Choose Tangiers 250 g flavor #1:: schnozberry

1 Tangiers Shisha 250g $12.95

Choose Tangiers 250 g flavor #1:: horchata

Certificate/Discount Code: 15% Hookah Forum Discount -$9.88

Shipping: UPS Ground $11.25

Tax: $0.00

Total: $67.22

This order has been processed Date Processed: 2/11/2008
simple order, well mostly simple. i ordered it on a monday in the early morning i think it was 1am so as you can see they processed it the same day as they recieved it and so on. they run out of the tobacco flavors i ordered which is perfectly fine just ship it to me when it comes back in stock. i check it every day for about 2 weeks then i see that the tobacco is back in stock! i wait to see if it gets shipped out but i receive no shipping confirmation then some stuff happens irl so i forget about the order. for another 2 weeks or so.

it has now been a month since the order was placed and i begin to complain on the chat room because i remember and it STILL is not in. so i go message them and then i get told that the shipping will be refunded and that it will be shipped out. the next day i get a tracking number and see that the shipping information was recieved and i think alright it will be sent out soon. "Date shipped: 3/18/2008" i check the tracking friday because it was still not in and im getting pissed. the shipping was canceled the next day...i contact them that day and i ask what is up. guess origional order for horchata is out! im not up for waiting another 1-4 weeks to get my order so i just say fuck it just give me brambleberry so they say it will be shipped out monday and that they will upgrade the shipping, no confirmation but i trust them i wait patiently and i finally get it today.

i open the package and there are a lot of packing peanuts, my coals and my tobacco but guess what, NO EXTRAS! was it my fault for not being on their ass every single day until i got it? yes and no. i should have hounded them but i thought you know what shit happens you run out of something just send it when it comes back into stock but the fact that it did and it never got sent was bad. hell even if they gave me a ball bearing i would have been happy because its something extra but nope my extras where i guess extra packing peanuts. my shipping "extras" are refunded shipping and 2 days shipping. a small compensation but for something that took a month and a half to recieve when you bought those coals a week before you ran out its bad.

in the end i will never again order from hookah-shisha. i usually order my exoticas from mahir but i wanted a lot and cheaper and H-S had that. there have been other things in the past that have happened in the past with them which i didnt like them as much but also i gave them one more chance. if you want to get exoticas look into someone who is better at shipping also like atleast i know for sure he will compensate you if something happens and it only takes 2-3 days to get a package cross country from him!
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