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Default problem with new deep bowl

I have some problems with my new bowl i bought today. It's very deep, but not too wide in diameter (5 cm/2 inches). It's a tall one, i can barely put my windcover on it. It has 5 smaller holes in it. It's kinda lightweight. I had some bowls and this sure looks like a very good one. But guess what. I packed it twice today, and both times the smoke was very harsh. First, i packed it normally with perfect amount of tobacco (Al Waha Bahraini), put some medium holes on it and a Cocobrico coal (1 is enough for an hour). Did everything as i did before, the body was a bit more than an inch inside the water. The smoke was harsh. Tried 2 kinds of windcover, put some more holes on, and nothing. Oh, and i dropped some glycerine on it too.
Second time i used Al Waha Grape, a bit less than before, thought the coal was too close or something. Put more water in the base, more holes. It was good for like 1/2 min then harsh again.
Any ideas why is it harsh? Is it just because the bowl is new or something? Or should i put bigger holes on it? Or smaller ones? I don't want to waste more time and tobacco. I can try putting ice in the water, but cmon.. It shouldn't need ice.
My hookah is 90cm tall, long hose, so smoke travels long. Still it's harsh.
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