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Default Re: what do you guys think of this 32inch $60 hookah?

I got a red 29" red hookah for like $45 shipped. I've smoked it for a month and really enjoy it thus far. I must say, though, that the base is painted red so when held to the light you can see the streaks. Its also prone to chipping, but i haven't had any huge problems. The hose they gave me wasn't very good. It looks awesome, but I can't get good flow on it. My $4 generics work better, and my vinyl monster works the best (just ordered a nammor so we'll see how it smokes then). For what I want, which is a single hose egyptian to replace my 4 hose rotator while smoking by myself or with a lady, its awesome. I'll probably smoke it into the ground, but in the future it will most likely be replaced by a KM.

FYI the salloum shisha they gave me (spiced chai) smells like chirstmas, and stunk up everything in the bag it came in (grommets and such). I used it in my car as an air freshner during the holiday season and pitched it cause I didn't think it would taste too good.

Anyone else have one of these?
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