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Default A Few Questions About Buying

Okay, I am pretty sold on KM or MZ as my previous SaharaSmoke stem rusted from the inside out even with frequent washing and drying. I absolutely loved the design of my last vase though and although I hold function over form, I would love a purple hookah. I cannot seem to find any retailer with a KM or MZ hookah that is purple. Can anyone help me out? Also, I would be happy to buy a vase from SaharaSmoke, but where could I find a site to buy just the stem from KM or MZ? They would fit, right? Finally, do KM or MZ make multi-hosed hookahs? I know the cons of having a three or four hosed hookah, but I would rather plug extra holes with rubber stoppers and have the option to add more hoses when smoking with more courteous friends who remember to cover their hoses.

I really appreciate your input and help.

-from SaharaSmoke

I had this in purple.

...but this in purple would be even sweeter...

-from the What hookah should I get? thread

...and thanks again for all suggestions and help.
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