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Default Re: Stuck on a deserted island alone...

Hookah: A KM or MZ

Hose: One razan and one smaller hose for nakhla flavours

Bowl: small tangiers phunnel with scalli mod

Coals: *******hHookah naturals is good with that bowl ..

Shisha Brand/Flavor: ( random order! )
[LIST=1][*]SB - White Peach[*]SB - Blue Mist[*]Nakhla - ChocoMint ( as mixer for almost everything )[*]Nakhla El Basha - Licorise[*]AF - Grape[*]AF - DoubleApple[*]Fumari - Mango[/LIST]I could only think of theese 7 as Great flavours I would like to bring.. probably forgot something as well..
Anyway GREAT IDEA for this thread.. I hope people make this serious and it will be possible a thread you will check through when making next order! Good job
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