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Default First purchase indecision

So I'm going to be buying my first hooka soon (gotta scrounge up some money, but I like to study quite a bit before I purchase), but I'm stuck between the Mya QT and Bambino.

From what I've seen on youtube, they both produce very nice sized clouds, I see no difference there. The biggest thing is that I like the look of the base on the QT better, and it seems like it might be more practical if I use heavier hoses like the KMs or the Razans and Namoors. But I think that the stem on the Bambino looks gnarly on such a short little hookah, but I'm concerned about it tipping with the heavier hoses.

One thing I'm considerings is going ahead and buying the Bambino and then buy a QT replacement base on hooka-shisha, but I don't know if the opening is compatible with the Bambino stem. If it is, I'm thinkin that would be farkin' awesome.

Anyway, if someone could tell me if the Bambino has issues with tipping (at least more than the QT), and if the bases are interchangeable, that would help a great deal.
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