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Default Re: First purchase indecision

Originally Posted by ************* View Post
is there any reason you like the smaller hookahs? the reason i ask is you mention the heavier hose, why not get the heavier hookhas like MZ?KM. Those small ones are great for lugging it around and setting up anywhere but nothing beats a big egyptian
Glad you asked. I was REALLY thinking about getting a KM, and it will definitely be the next hookah I get in the near future. But here's the thing, one of my friends has little get-togethers with about 5 other people every weekend, and they don't have a hookah, and thats probably where I will get most of my smoking done.

I just read that the Bambino can't fit a second hose though, so that's a major disappointment. Looks like I will probably get a QT since a second hose will be a must.
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