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Default Re: Best SHISHA!?!?!?! Discussion Thread!!!

I can't say with certainty... don't pay too much attention to brands themselves, just trial and error with flavors I can stomach.

I'll tell you one I'm enjoying right now. Cappuccino Al-Waha. It tastes good, doesn't get harsh. Never seen epic smoke from it, and it has a tendency to "stick" and will make whatever you smoke after it taste like Cappuccino, but it's delicious.

I definitely agree with you OP, that it would be nice to hear other people's opinions of brands and their output of flavor content, smoke, and harshness. I'm sure they see it all the time... but that's what were here for, right?

And I don't know why so many are ambivalent about vapors. I don't want big clouds to impress anybody, I just find it fun. It defeats the purpose if they're just going to be weak little steams of steam... I may as well be smoking a cigarette for that matter.
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