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Default Re: Why I love Tangiers

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
Wait so are you saying that it's not ok to dislike something because it is unpleasant to smoke for you? If I smoke something and it is a consistently unpleasant and unrelaxing smoke I am not going to like it and I am going to say so publicly. Unless I were to lie about a product I would be totally justified in saying that in my expereince it is not a good product.
No, i'd say it's fine to dislike something you find consistently unpleasant and relaxing provided you've given setting it up right a good try. After all everything requires a little bit of fine tuning to give the best possible session. If someone doesn't want to bother learning how to set up a particular brand that is alright as well although I don't think i'd value that person's opinion on a brand they don't understand.

Tangiers isn't for everyone and since experienced and open minded folks like KK, Lak and Dunk (and lots of others) don't like it I can accept that as an informed descision.

About the only thing I simply can't fathom is how anyone could enjoy Epic or King Moassel although in all honesty I can't say i've ever spoken to anyone that didn't work for those firms that claimed to like them.
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