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Default Re: How manny holes are just right and how many are to much?

I would tell you to do it the way I do because that's best and works for me, but that would be a damn lie in regards to working for you. There is no way to tell you what will be best for you. So don't even start to believe anyone telling you it's best for you in case they do. First you need to start with a system, just poke a lot of holes in circles, random, whatever. It doesn't really matter since this is your learning experience. Then you will, through experience, learn what pattern and hole density works best. You will find that you use different patterns based on the tobacco, bowl, packing, foil, coal type, coal activity, etc etc. So in short there is no correct answer. Just take some info from various posts here and give it a go. You will eventually find your way and it will work best for you. My pattern is a hell of a lot of holes. Sometimes in circles sometimes totally random.
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