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Default Re: Smoking While Studying?

Originally Posted by Coldgr33ntea View Post
Yea, im a freshman and I prolly wont get my own place till junior year. While, I have smoked hookah in the really isnt worth it. My suitemates and my other neighbors can smell the coals burning, plus I have to tape up all the fire alarms, and hope that no one comes in. Too much work for it, but back in High School i always smoked while studying, and because you haeva hookah there that is gonna last for at least an hour, you are much less likely to get distracted and go do something else while studying.
Honestly, with the whole smoking in the dorms thing, you don't have to do much to cover up the smell. My suitemates and I have, for two years, smoked pretty much everyday in our room without doing anything to the room to cover the smell. The biggest thing, especially if you are using QL's, is to have a fan pointing out the window and light the coal so all the smoke goes out the window. You should be fine otherwise. We have never had anyone tell us that they could tell we were smoking in the room.
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