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Default Re: Harshness Issues

Originally Posted by texag15 View Post
I use 3 cocos on a small phunnel. How old is your tobacco? You might try to pack your tobacco a little tighter. I generally pack my phunnel tight and as long as I manage the heat well, it doesn't get harsh. And...if it does get harsh for a second, I remove the wind cover, ash the coals, move them to a new spot on the foil, and purge.

Are you using a Tangiers phunnel?
My tobacco doesn't expire until late 2010. My phunnel is a chinese knockoff bought at my local shop. I've tried overpacking the AF which seems to be even harsher! I think I'm going to at least isolate my methods and stick with the vortex and work from there. Maybe it's the air in Vegas. Everything is always dryer here and now that it's winter, the rules of the game may have changed for me. I don't have the luxury of humidity like the rest of the world
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