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Default Re: New Nakhla Mizo Watermelon/Guava Group Buy

Originally Posted by Luv2Smoke View Post
Can you post it to me in the UK? If so how much will it cost to get 250g of each shipped to the UK?
Add $4 to each price above for European orders

Originally Posted by Royal2000H View Post
I'm a new member here but isn't that pretty expensive especially since you might be getting less than what you paid for?
Well well well. First of all, I am sending tobacco that is unavailable in the US and the price is MUCH lower than US prices (come on, 250g of Nakhla is $10, Nakhla Mizo is $12 in the US now, and that is online vendor prices NOT including shipping .... so a kilo for $45 shipped is cheaper, not even considering the rare factor), second, most of the money above goes towards money transfer fees, tobacco, repacking and shipping costs ...etc. My cut is not that big.

Last but not least, yes people run the risk of getting a few grams less because local Nakhla packages in Egypt are not 250g per se, that is why I am sending two packs as 250g. If - after doubling up - it is 200 or 220gs, it won't be even noticeable. Some people - unfortunately - ended up with 175g instead of 250, but I am planning to compensate that in their next transaction, and it was an honest mistake.
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