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Default Well I am glad I went on a walk today...

I left my house today at about 5pm. I looked at the clouds, and they were turning grey, threatening rain. My mind was set on going to a local tobacco shop that I haven't been to in awhile to see whats new there.

So as I was walking, the rain started to fall. Despite not having an umbrella, I kept on walking. I finally got to the store and escaped the rain only to find that their prices had dropped a lot. Their AF price dropped $6 and nakhla $3, and this is the same place that I posted about months ago that sells re-package lucid tangiers (in 50g jars labelled deliciouso... apparently they have something worked out with Eric... idk) but since I walked all the way there in the rain the prices dropped, I decided to pick some stuff up. First, I grabbed lucid Orange soda to give it a go. It smells fucking amazing. And on a complete whim, I got nahkla apricot. I am smoking that now, and oh man, I am so glad for that whim because this is a very good flavor.

Now I don't know what exactly an apricot is supposed to taste like because I've never eaten one, but the flavor was staring me in the face. It stood out for some reason. But after a night out at the bar, coming home, lounging on my couch watching sportscenter, this just really hits the spot.
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