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Default Re: The Great KM Shipping Saga

Wow, that is totally ridiculous. That kind of customer disservice won't win any new biz. As ari said, until they suddenly do something super spectacular and way over the top I will avoid hookah-life. I don't want an experience like that. So far I've had great experiences with the supporting vendors I've worked with here at hookahpro. I'll stick with them. There is no reason on earth (except for being out of stock) that it should take more than two days to ship. 24 hours is actually not unreasonable. You really should call them, tell them how dissatisfied with their customer service you are. Let them know that you are going to post a negative review for them on the forum. And, finally, cancel your order with them. You can always find a hookah elsewhere. Might take a week longer to find it but you can. Smoke happy.

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