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Originally Posted by ZenSilk
It depends on a couple of things.

The Draw - The JandR has a tighter draw then the KM
The Chamber - The JandR has a common chamber with a plate with 4 holes, the KM is a Traditional Chamber.
The Metal - The KM will most likely be comprised mostly of Stainless Steel (Stainless in most cases, but not all) and some Brass Parts, Copper at times. The JandR is fully brass.
The Design - KM is Egyptian, JandR is Syrian
Ease of Cleaning - The JandR comes apart into many pieces making cleaning very easy. The KM does not come apart, however with the use of a stem brush cleaning is fairly easy. Common Chambers are harder to clean than Traditional Chambers.
Purge - The purge in the JandR only works when the vase is filled to the top, and only empties about half the smoke because of it's Common Chamber. In the KM, the purge will work completely and clear the whole vase of smoke because of it's Traditional Chamber design.

So basically you will have to draw for a little longer from the JandR to get the same amount of smoke from a shorter draw in the KM. But the JandR will have a more sturdy stem and be easier to clean. You won't be able to purge the JandR as well as the KM.

For the most part, Zen is right about my Syrians. However, he speaks of a 3 Hose Syrian. I believe the OP is looking for a single hose, which is an entirely different ball game when it comes to my Syrians (If only you knew Zen ).
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