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Default Re: How Many Hookahs Do You Have / Rate Them

Originally Posted by shawnwhyte View Post
But I'm more interested in your personal usage of them, which is your go to for this and that, used most often, etc.
Fair enough, here goes!

Right now I have 2 hookahs for Iraq, the mya because of its size and the fact its an easy clean and smoke, and the temsah wheat because its a solid loud hookah thats durable and attractive.

My KM bahriya, i smoke only when I just want something to look at or have company that is interested, but its a pain in the ass to clean, and the height takes away from pull...but mostly i just do not want to clean it.

the km americana, i smoke often, i like the look, not too hard to clean, but only use the thicker smoke really strong flavored tobaccos on this.

the thabet younis...well i smoke it less often, but most of what i said about the americana applies.

if i smoke something like nakhla i like using my AF 28" which is by far the most beautiful hookah i have (the large clear dish vase and the white caravan hose and the gold bottom tray really make it stand out)

my nour LE is for lazy smokes and higher quality tobacco smokes. the lazy part comes from the fact that it takes me like 20seconds max to clean the baby. as for the quality tobacco, its a bit tighter than the rest, so the flavor comes out more, making it better for stuff like DM, shooting star, etc.

the mogul hookah is for decoration.

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