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Default Re: Sorry to do this...

Originally Posted by Boggler0 View Post
I know asking for something like this is taboo, but it's not cause i'm too lazy with the search engine to find it, it's because i can't find what i'm looking for [gave up after 15 minutes]

Guy i ran into told me that if i smoke once a week for the rest of my life, i'm killing myself, because half an hour of hookah = a whole pack of cigarettes.

Which i know is bull.
But he wouldn't believe me.

Now i remember seeing a link to a study done by somebody [i think he was from europe or something? Could be wrong] who studied tobacco and had some degree and explained, scientifically, why hookah isn't as terrible for you as other forms of smoking.

Does anyone know where that is?
Sorry to ask, but i just gotta prove this asshole wrong
The only study I can direct you to is my own life and I have been smoking two times a day for almost 4 years. If I was a 4 year pack a day smoker I would be dead. I have none of the associated health problems that a smoker of that frequency would.

It is not healthy. It is still bad for you but based on my own experiences that statistic is bullshit. The original study that was misquoted says that the volume of smoke is considerably more and people took that as saying that it was as bad as a multitude of cigarettes with no regard to the content or composition of the "smoke".
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