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Default Re: Does size really matter?

I disagree with you here hookah_man. there are some facts that are unavoidable. FACT 1 :
The base holds a smaller amount of water so (1) the smoke doesnt come in contact with so much surface area of water and (2) smaller amount of water means it gets warm faster from smoke passing through it.

A 30" stem can cool the smoke much more than a 10" stem.

Fact 3: A big hookah can give you more smoke with not much effort because the base is bigger, (the vaccum effect can be much bigger than a small one). They might both give the same amount of smoke but the bigger of the two will have a better effortless draw.

Fact 4 : Usually bigger hookahs have wider diameter tubing (meaning stem hose ports, heart ports) which also result in better draw and more smoke.

And probably there are much more.

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