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Default Re: More Desi Murli reviews please!

First DM experience = Minor failure and moderate success. I smoked this one straight outta the bag too, strawberry flavor. I used three CH quicklites, and got NO results for about 15 mins, so I lit up another coal. That seemed to do the trick - somewhat. I packed the bowl pretty light, nothing like tangiers or anything like that. I remembered Hajo saying that smoking it without glycerin wouldn't produce a smoke that westerners prefer, or are used to. And indeed, after the 4th coal was added, I got light smoke. I, like and idiot, had done pretty much everything the opposite of what Hajo advised thus far, so I figured one more thing couldn't hurt. I figured, light smoke, not as much flavor as I was anticipating, suck that shit down!
Holy Sheezus, the buzz hit me like seven tons of bricks. And it's a different buzz than any other I've felt. It was the most relaxing thing I've felt in a long while. I felt like I had melted into the chair I was sitting in. I can only imagine what it would be like when this is smoked to it's full potential.
The taste was becoming more pronounced as the shisha finally really got baking, but since the buzz was knocking me further into oblivion as the seconds ticked past, I couldn't fully appreciate it. Hajo had mentioned that he has been holding off on reviewing it since the words to describe it's complexity take time to come. Hah. No joke there. Very full, a variety of things are detected in the taste. Definately a whole different type of creature.
So it's a learning experience, and I'll go so far as to say my first was a success, albeit a bit awry. I'll be trying again soon, and as soon as I get that glycerin, I'll take photos of the whole setup for those who wanna get into this, but aren't quite sure how. I also learned another valuable lesson: When Hajo Flettner gives you some advice, you would do DAMN well to follow it!

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