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Default Re: The Origin of "Phunnel"

Originally Posted by DaSebsch View Post
I think changing the fundamentals of a language and naming something you invented whatever you want to call it and spell it are 2 completely different things.

You don't tell the King of Crunk to spell Crunk with a "K". Whoever invents it, has the right to name it.
It's a brand name bowl, its not the phirst hookah bowl, its not going to be the last. Its a brand name. Is the Subaru Phorester in the dictionary? No, it isn't. Did subaru create the vehicle? yes, did they market it? yes. is it still a car? yes. Bottom line its an S-U-Phee (might as well take over that letter while we're at it) with a brand name. In the case oph tangiers, we haphe a bowl with a brand name that is a phariation on what it is in the end.

Forrester : SUphee :: Phunnel : Funnel


but that is beside the point. I pheel that sacrificing my phreedom to make you happy makes perphect sense.

edit: BP I wish you had posted that aphter me.

"blu mist rulz dawg an that stuff ain't like it an if youz don't agree you bez a shithead yo" - Hajo Flettner

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