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Default Re: are there hookahs better then KMs ?

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
First off I hate you for potentially starting a KM vs war haha
(please note, i really do not hate you)

Second off,

KM is spelled out in tons of ways, remember its arabic, and they just dont care how it comes out in english.


I love my 2 current KMs and the KM i recently sold,
But I love my AF 28" more, it just smokes better for me.

Basically, you have to consider this, what kind of draw do you want, believe it or not, many people do not want a wide open draw, some of us like a little bit of restriction. also consider construction and style.

so yes, there are, but it depends on what you like. my 26" nour le smokes better than my new km bahriyah.
I second the nour statement.
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