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Default tangiers phunnel bowl question

ok guys, my phunnel everytime i try and smoke out of it, it its so hard to take a pull, its always getting sucked down bye the hole in the middle, and i pack it very good, making sure its not above the hole, and i wrap it with tin foil heavy duty, and even take tape and make sure its very tight, and then i make 3 rows of wholes all around the top, and it still is tight if i put my finger on it, then i use 3 CH Naturals and after awhile, it still gets sucked down and i can't even take a pull. any advice or help would be nice, also want to note that i watched just about every video on how to pack a tangiers small phunnel, i used both al fakher and starbuzz and yet it still turns out the same, i even tried all the other peoples methods still getting the same effect, and the bowl looks great, teh whole isn't even close to the top rim. thanks everyone
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