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Default Re: Your thoughts on herbal?

I tried Salaam herbal a while ago and it was a decent smoke. I think it is one of the best herbal lines out there but no longer smoke it because its herbal. I tried it because I had some friends who didn't like tobacco so I thought I'd give it a shot but the qualities of herbals are nowhere near the qualities of tobacco.
Also there has been no long term study or even long term cultural use of herbals to suggest that it is healthier than tobacco. The material used in lieu of tobacco is bagasse which is sugarcane flak and although there have been no studies done to suggest that this is bad for your health, there have also been no studies done to suggest it isn't. Tobacco has been studied and I know what I'm getting into. However the bagasse used for herbals has also been cited in cases of pulmonary fibrosis in cases where workers were handling large amounts. These cases deal with a much larger quantity and exposure than the amount you'd be exposed to by smoking herbals, also in addition there is an added level of water filtration that would potentially protect you from this problem. All smoking is harmful to your health, so the only reason I could see for smoking herbal is if you're looking to avoid nicotine. which is an entirely separate topic.

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