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Default Re: First buy but do i need accessories and wich one ?

Originally Posted by ttdr View Post
Hi there.

Tonight i'm going to buy my hookah.
after searching the whole internet. iv decided to buy this one --> Click <--

Now what accessories should i buy ?

- A wind cover. ?
- Plastic mouth tips ?
- A phunnel or vortex ?
- Extra coal ?
- KM stem brush ?
- Charcoal Holder, PAN ?

for the windcover, get an XL windcover, works with more bowls than any other cover

plastic mouth tips are good for when people come over....splurge a little and get coco tips, they are awesome, only tip nicer than the rest

phunnel or vortex....i say get a small phunnel, once you learn how to use it, its an excellent bowl

extra coal, heck yeah, natural coal is best, but make sure you keep some QL around for a back up plan

KM stem brush, you need a long stem brush. doesnt matter what brand, didnt even know KM made such a thing

charcoal holder, you dont need this unless you have to transport your coal a long distance from where you lit it to where your hookah is
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