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Exclamation ******* Hookah QL Issues? **UPDATED PICTURES**


I purchased these quick lights after hearing great reviews. Considering the high quantity I purchased, it would be helpful knowing the best technique for these things.

The main issue I am having is duration. It's very odd... I place 2-3 coals on and the flavor and smoke is GREAT for 5-10 minutes. Then, however, it begins to go completely downhill; the smoke becomes thin and harsh and everyone in the room is scratching their heads at how it deteriorated so quickly. I then proceed to do everything from ashing the coals and/or flipping them over, but to no avail it remains the same. Brand is always either Tangiers Lucid, Al Fakher, and Nakhla, holes are poked three rings using a small toothpick that I poke to the bottom to create air flow. With all other quality quick lights, these same technique works wonders.

The reason I know it is the coals to blame because Golden Quicklights offer me the same or better quality for 5x as long. Considering everyone here loves ******* QL's, I MUST be doing something wrong.

Using the same packing technique and hole pattern, Golden QL's offer me 40-60 minutes of the flavor ******* QL's gave me in 5-10. I KNOW that I must be doing something wrong due to this product's glowing reviews, so I would appreciate it if someone could tell me what the issue is.

If you need any more details, just ask. I would love to have these coals last more than 10 minutes. It's very odd -- they are burning, hot, and hardly ashed, but they produce very minimal smoke after 10 min. and consequently very little flavor. And yes, I wait for them to become completely red before putting them on the foil. I'm very confused

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