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Default Re: Rosetta?

Yeah it the only shisha locally for me too, but in 50g for 2.99$. I went out on a limb and bought the 3 flavors the shop had (fml). Let me give you my run down of those flavors!

Grape Soda- Decent, worth the risk but not going to rebuy

Cherry Bomb- Extremely artificial cherry taste but super sweet enough to make it yummy, a pretty awesome flavor for any fruits out there! I buy a 50g of this maybe every 3 weeks. (Its my mother's fave flavor)

Apple Cinnimon and Cloves- They might as well rename this flavor to "Tongue numbing cloves with a hint of apple cinnimon and bad breath" Bought it once, had 1 bowl and through the rest away.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE cloves, I smoke a pack of dajarums a week and cant get enough, but mixed with the most horrible rotten apple and rancid cinnimon YUCK!

For the most part now I just stick to the brands I know and trust, even if that means buying online for some of them. Luckily I found a Halal (Islamic form of Kosher) food market that sells Nahkla, Layalina, and AF so the only shisha I usually order is SB,JMs, and Tangiers.
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