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Default Shipping to Canada as "Gift", Consequences?

Hi everyone, especially Canadians

So as most of you know shipping to Canada is already cumbersome for most vendors in the US. The cheapest i've been able to find is 25$ flat at and around the same price at except they go by weight.
On top of shipping there is always the duties charge, this has prevented me from ever ordering shisa/tobacco from the US. I did some research and I believe it is currently 12.35 cents per gram of duties if you import tobacco.

I am not too sure if shisha counts, but that would be a killing on the wallet.

I know some vendors are fine with marking their shipments "as a gift" to Canadian customers, which I believe would allow the shipment to go through without duties.

I was just wondering, if they do realize that you purchased the shisha from a vendor, what would the consequences be?

Also, whoever else that has had experience ordering to Canada, let me know please!
25$ for 250g of AF is the best i've been able to find, i've even found myself paying 15$ for 50g of nakhla.


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