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Default Re: Shipping to Canada as "Gift", Consequences?

[FONT=Verdana][FONT=Verdana]The tax on Shisha is $30 per $10 value of shisha. The $12.35 per gram is for pipe tobacco. Shipping as a "GIFT" is really hit or miss. The best thing to do I find is to ask the vendor for NO INVOICE in the box and to never mark a total value above $50.00 which will keep you under the allowed "GIFT" limit for packages coming into Canada. When it comes to listing the items on the shipping slip just ask for them to mark the TOTAL dollar value for all Shisha in the box as no more than $10.00. I haven't had a problem in a long time since I learned exactly what customs is looking for. Also lastly any vendor that tells you they won’t do any of this for you, just move on because it is a good chance that they were flagged at the border for sending Tobacco across. There was a vendor I was using for about a year and then on my last order with them they called to let me know they couldn’t mark down my packages anymore and they had to start leaving the invoices in the boxes. They asked if I still wanted them to ship the order, and since I hadn’t had a problem in over a year I decided to risk it. A week later the package was at my door with a $300.00 bill on it.[/FONT]
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