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Default Re: ******* Hookah QL Issues?

Originally Posted by contristo View Post
the coals have acted the same way since I opened them. I recall trying them out the second I opened up the box, resulting in the same issue. so basically, they only lasted for 5 minutes before I even had a chance to dampen their conditions or effect anything at all.

so this has to be on the producer's part... great, I have no coals and just put $30 down the drain. buyer's beware I guess, as a college student I can ill afford to spend money on products that were sent to me and not functioning properly. I see tons of praise for this product so I was really excited and my order happens to be not one, but TWO BAD BATCHES. ridiculous.
Have you even attempted to contact the vendor to notify them of the problems with both boxes of coals? Most likely replacements would be sent to you if they are not working properly for both boxes.
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