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Default Re: Stirring the *** - MYA help

1. I have a mya Qt (light blue and the stem as pictured) ,

2. A mya Ruby red frosted glass

3. I have owned the acrylic (My stem was a bigger tear drop stem than this one and green instead of pink),

4. the orb (in green) ,

5. I have use the red pinnapple shaped glass

As for you wanting a small mya hookah. I like my QT but i've heard complaint about the glass being thin in areas. My qt is a 1st or 2nd gen qt, so i don't have that issue. It'sd thick all the way around. It smokes great. I would smoke out of the qt and my stargate when I had a lot of people over.

I stopped using my qt because the stargate was a christmas present and I needed to use the stargate to apease my fiance. It's still a good hookah. The qt has again been put on the back burner due to the ruby red frost that was my birthday present this year. The tray is attached by the grommet and bowl, which i think is stupid, but that's the only thing i don't like about the hookah. Other than that. It's a ok in my book. I think i might pull it out tonight. (ps. I do love the QT'S Grommet seal!!!! great!)

As for the Bambino I have used it once, similar to the qt, but I don't really care for the whole hand grenade look. Just me. It works similarly except the purge valve is weird.

All the other hookahs- The acrylic I loved. I used it to death. It was good solid, sturdy hookah that i didn't care if my friends were around it drunk. I would have to watch the bowl, but Its good to not have to worry about the base.

The ruby red - I liek this hookah. I have a couple issues with it though. The grommet is not the best and it doesn't like to stay on the stem. It causes the hookah to not stay tight, or it leans a little. I'll have to adjust it constantly because i'm anal. The stem is nice, it's collapsable, but right now I've clean and cleaned and cleaned it, and it still has green stuff coming out of it when I clean it. (the metal / water combo) and it's annoying. It has good pull, but the water level is a semi pain since you can't actually see dead straight in to the base (it's like a prism and itsa jagged skewed view)

orb- just stay away from. light , cheap, will get knocked over, the hose will bring it down, etc. grommet cheap yaddd yadda. Do not buy pleaseeeeeee ugh. I dont' know why they even bothered making this.

BUT********This one wants to call my house home next -

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