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Default Re: Who prepares your hookah?

I set up any hookahs used about 99.99% of the time. Even if i'm at a friends house they have me do it. Which gets kind of annoying every once in a while, because i'd like to just sit back and relax and have someone else do it. I guess that's what they make hookah bars for.... .

I love my hookahs, it's just nobody ever helps me. They all want to smoke it, but nobody wants to help put it together / clean it up. ( or pay for supplies..... grr...)

Every once and a while my other half will light the coals while i fill the bowl, or clean it out while i put the coals on.... or something like that. But he rarely smokes when i'm not home unless someone else is there with him, which isn't often.

So i have been the designated hookah preparer* lol* for a longggg time.


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