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Got there and it was too packed. It was a really day in NYC, so I guess everyone had the same idea.

We went to a buddies apartment party instead, and then went down to the Upper West Side to hit some bars. We set up the Hobo at a Sushi (Planet Sushi, Amsterdam and 78th) restaurant of all places. They were totally cool with it.

FYI, the Hobo works great with the Tangiers Phunnel bowls. Had my first try of Orange Soda, it rocked. We also tried it out on a half full forty, the grommet kept on trying to pop off (the gradient on the bottle body is a bit steep), but it actually tasted awesome. Orange Soda Tangiers + Colt 45 = Cream Soda.

We're in Boston for the weekend and in Chicago on Friday. PM me if you are around and want to give the Hobo a whirl.

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