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Default Re: My failures with Nakhla..

Originally Posted by ravio View Post
Hey everyone,

anytime I have bought nakhla (except for sweet melon) I end up not using it because it doesnt taste at all like the smell or good in general. It's always mediocre at best. something about it tastes off

I pack it the same way I pack AF and SB and those come out great..but nakhla is always bad tasting (Mango by far the worst). There's always this weird feeling in the back of everyone's throat and the taste seems always artificial.

Is there a better way to pack it or am I just spoiled by AF and SB lol..Please tell me because I see some avid Nakhla supporters here and I cannot see why :\

nakhlas DA is also decent..I've tried fruit mix, cocktail, mango, sweet melon, rose (pretty sure) and some others as well and still same results
If you enjoy the sugary/candidness of SB then I suppose you may have a hard time appreciating more realistic tasting brands. What I suggest is that before you make up your mind about Nakhla or any other other brand you try out a few flavours (say 4-6) before making up your mind about it. Also, all brands need to be set up and smoked a little different so you'll need to tell us what sort of rig you have and how you are setting it up to get some feed back on what to do better.

Also, since Nakhla is a far less processed brand that SB it has some tobacco type flavours in the background and a good deal more nicotine then SB which has been washed & boiled until no flavour at all is left with the tobacco. Because these differences you'll likely be KO'd if you hoover it like you would SB so you have smoke with abit of restraint and forget about clouds.

I would like to suggest that you try Salloum since it's a great, inexpensive moassel that has realistic fruit flavourings that is more appealing then SB yet not as strong in terms of nicotine as Nakhla.
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