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Exploring new worlds, Hooka is next.

Introductions - Forum Members

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Old April 9th, 2009, 02:48 AM
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Arrow Exploring new worlds, Hooka is next.

State the obvious: I'm new.


Now that is over with, I'm glad to be here. Found a link to this forum on You Tube, I am an explorer of sorts in what I do for recreation. For a few years now I have been entrenched in the world of Fine Hand Made Cigars, every thing from Rocky Patel, CAO, Partagas, AVO, Gurkha, Cohiba and Padron. I have loved it all and then some, but it is costly and well to be truthful I like to walk into one thing and enjoy it and then march onto other things to experience. Mind you I always go back and indulge in what I have really enjoyed, dump what I did not.

In my exploring and researching of Hookah I have found my way here, I have been looking in one online merchant http://www.hookah-shisha.com/

They have what looks to me like some very attractive Hookahs and assorted wares that I have very much been entertaining purchasing, but I hesitate just yet because I want to get a great Hookah by any ones standards. Built well and will not fall apart or leak and have the troubles I have heard about, and also get good quality everything from the get go. So I am looking for the best place to buy not only my first Hookah, but also every thing to go with it that I would need to smoke on the day I receive it.

I have heard great things about Hookah, that it is fun and a very pleasurable experience and good for conversation and on and on. So I look to learn a lot while I am here, and I could imagine I could be here for some time with the wealth of knowledge here.
Old April 9th, 2009, 03:09 AM
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Default Re: Exploring new worlds, Hooka is next.

WELCOME TO THE FORUMS, but here I go, you'll soon find out that two of the best hookahs out there are KMs and Syrians.
I honestly am on the Syrian Side. They are well built and are the sturdiest hookahs out there as well as being beautiful beyond compare.
I bought mine from thehookah.com
I'll give you the link of their Syrian supply
But its really up to you Syrian/Nour or KM

You'll find the majority love KM, but talk to any sessioned Hookah Vet, and it's Syrian all the way.

Old April 9th, 2009, 03:25 AM
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Default Re: Exploring new worlds, Hooka is next.

Thank you for the welcome Pixelz, it is odd because I took a look the other night on hookah shisha.com and became pretty adamant about purchasing their single-hosed Syrian Glyph hookah. Their pic is kind of small, too small to really get a detailed look at the details. But from what I could make out is exactly what you stated that they are beautiful, very ornate in scroll work.

And thank you for the link, I will browse there as well. I am really browsing all the good stuff (from what I hear) and trying to pin down the things I need and so on. I'll give the KM's a look while I am at it, but I don't think my present choice of getting a Syrian is going to budge but never know.

I am a fan where culture is king, I find this all very exciting and I can't wait to jump on the band wagon and try my first hookah smoke. Oh and BTW, I watched your home made hookah video/review that you made. Very interesting, I might try my hand at that some time as well as I've always been very creative and good on figuring out how things work easily.

Again thank you, glad to be here.
Old April 9th, 2009, 08:41 AM
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Default Re: Exploring new worlds, Hooka is next.

First off, welcome to the party.

Secondly, I am glad to see you are doing your research, that was a mistake I made when I first started.

Thirdly, "seasoned" hookah smoker here and I m going to disagree with the "syrian all the way" statement. Yes they are more ornate generally speaking, but as for ease of smoke KM takes it. Also, people have this illusion in there head that all syrians are amazing in quality, WRONG.

Here are some good places to see information on the two:



Old April 9th, 2009, 01:05 PM
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Default Re: Exploring new worlds, Hooka is next.

::Standard greeting::

::Snarky comment::

Go to www.**********.com. John is my favorite vendor and has great deals. Also he is always happy to help out and get you what you need and want.
Old April 9th, 2009, 03:07 PM
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Location: Mid West Indiana
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Default Re: Exploring new worlds, Hooka is next.

Hum, very interesting. Choices choices choices, searching for my first hookah is getting rather exciting lol. Thanks for the great amount of info on the two brands bradedup, very helpful I am sure this will influence my decision slightly as I am always looking for sturdy construction and quality as well as functionality in any thing I buy. I like to invest in some thing of quality, and in the end I will choose the one who seems to be the most well rounded and appealing to me.

And thank you for the link kalutika, so many dealers out there to go through. I was very happy to see that The Hookah' prices were lower than some other sites I have browsed, but they are selling the same if not possibly better quality styles. The first ones I had began to look at months ago were the Syrian Pharaoh Egyptian hookah at Hookah-Shisha.com, and am currently browsing Nours and KM's at The Hookah. Prices look great, and the hookahs are seemingly better looking and possibly better constructed. I like brass and was attracted to it from the get go, so natural instincts were right on.

Thanks every one for the great info, it is very helpful. And if any one else has some, I'll be glad to study what ever you might recommend as helpful. Also what I feel the need to ask about, opinions and other wise is about heating coals and methods and what sort of coals are great and well rounded characteristically speaking. I had the thought since I have seen so many using electric portable or stove burners, that purchasing a small portable electric one for my coals would be a good move. I seem to be gravitating to natural coals suck as Exotica, mainly because they are natural and I do not know much about the 33?mm and 44?mm quick light coals. Some say they have a bad taste they impart to the shisha while smoking, I suppose that is left up to experienced smokers as I cannot attest or test it myself currently.

As for my last question for the moment, diffusers. From what I have gathered they serve supposedly two functions, one is to quiet the smoking session and or disperse smoke through the water more effectively facilitating a more smooth and pleasurable smoke. Would this be worth buying for my hookah, because as for the quietness of the smoke is not a concern for me. The videos I have watched the bubbling noise of smoking the hookah is part of the experience, so if all in all it is not needed then I'll skip unless it has some effect on the smoking experience other than sound dampening.

Again I thank every one for the great info, I feel well on my way to making a great choice in my first hookah.
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