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A few newbie questions

Hookah Discussion

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Old February 6th, 2008, 01:42 AM
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Hookah Newbie
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Default A few newbie questions

Hi there,
I couldn't see a guide or a newbie question section, if I didn't look hard enough. Sorry! =]
Anyway, I'm really new to the whole hookah scene so to speak and I have a few questions that i hope you could answer!

1. On many videos I've seen people use ice blocks alone, ice blocks with water or just water. Is it necessary? Every time I have used my hookah I have only used room temperature tap water. What are the benefits of using cold water or ice ?

2. Tobacco/herb, Does it need to be cold? I've heard of it being stored in the fridge, So far I've hidden my stash in a very warm draw so my mum can't see , if so, what are the benefits?

3. Herbal sisha? Correct me if thats not its real name, I've heard many mixed feelings about the topic, some say that it's more risky then smoking the tobacco, some go as far as saying its actually healthy to smoke. The way I look at it is, if your inhaling smoke, you are leaving a deposit in your lungs and I personally think that it is outweighed by the taste and clouds, thus why I smoke. But I'd be lying if I wasn't worried about my safety. It'd be great if somebody could help me fill in the blanks =]

4. Cleaning; When it comes time for me to clean i normally just blow into the hose and wash the mouth piece, then submerge the entire thing (disassembled) into a sink with water and detergent, give it a bit of a scrub, rinse and reassemble. Am i doing it wrong?

It's great to meet everybody and I hope that I can learn a lot from this community, by the way I live in Australia so some of my terminology might be a bit hard to understand, Sorry! =]

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Old February 6th, 2008, 01:53 AM
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Default Re: A few newbie questions

1. cold water and ice in the base make the smoke cooler and smooth.

2. i wouldnt put it in the fridge.

3. you can eat healthy and exercise, but youre still going to die. with that in mind, i wouldnt bother with herbal shisha.

4. sounds like youre doing things right.

welcome virus!
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Old February 6th, 2008, 02:14 AM
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Default Re: A few newbie questions

1. Water and ice. Sometimes the smoke can get hot and might burn your throat and feel bad... Not a good thing. The water and ice will cool and condense the smoke for a better hookah experience.

2. I store mine in a cupboard. I've heard of keeping it in the fridge, but I've never tried it personally. But I've still always gotten good results.

3. Herbal shisha is not worth the money. I tried it, unfortunately. I hated it. Smoke the tobacco. That's my opinion.

4. Sounds to me like you're cleaning it right.

Hope this all helps. Enjoy your hookah!
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Old February 6th, 2008, 02:23 AM
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Default Re: A few newbie questions

First off, welcome to the forums...now to answer your questions...

1. The only benefit of using ice, is to cool the smoke. But you can have the same fantastic session with just chilled water. I stick my vase in the fridge about ten minutes before starting the session to chill the water.

2. NO! Do not stick it in the fridge...the best way to store it is at room temperature in an air-tight container or zip-lock bag. Store it away from sunlight too...

3. I think herbal shisha is crap. It doesn't provide the same flavor and enjoyment that you can get out of tobacco/shisha... The majority of the available shisha's out there have 0% tar and 0.05% nicotene...that's barely anything, so I would just stick to the shisha that's intended for hookah.

4. Cleaning wise, you're ok as long as you brush the inside of the stem and vase clean. If you leave any lingering smell, it can affect the next session in a negative way. Members around here like using a combination of baking soda and lemon juice to scrub out their hookahs. Also rubbing alcohol works wonders at eliminating any lingering smell.

I'm not sure how new to hookahs you are but check out the following links for some good info and advice on smoking hookah:

1. http://www.hookah-shisha.com/store/p...-education.asp

2. http://www.socialsmoke.com/page--Kno...ledgebase.html

3. http://youtube.com/watch?v=k_BCJ1xOQTE

Also, make sure to thouroughly look through the review section. Most of your basic questions can be answered there...
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Old February 6th, 2008, 02:26 AM
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Default Re: A few newbie questions

well i agree with everyone else on the first two, however i havent tried herbal shisha so i couldnt be in help there... as for the cleaning sambooka has made a couple videos on youtube that u can check out, i know they helped me.... http://youtube.com/watch?v=rvqnpUcEJ-8 and http://youtube.com/watch?v=VRJp0DUUY&feature=user
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Old February 6th, 2008, 04:07 AM
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Default Re: A few newbie questions

Hi and welcome to the forum! Hope I can help you out.

1. You don't need to put ice cubes or cold water in the base, but it does make for a smoother smoke. I usually dont' deal with it though because I am lazy. I never put my base in the fridge or freezer, just not enough room! lol

2. Tobacco- Keep it in a dry place. A drawer , is a great place.

3. Herbal sisha?-Sucks for the most part, just stick with nicotine. I tried several different kinds of herbal and they are all less than great.

4. Cleaning; No, doesn't seem like you're doing anything wrong, just make sure you dry all of your pieces to help prevent any rusting.=]

Thanks for stopping by and hope you stick around!

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Old February 6th, 2008, 05:54 AM
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Default Re: A few newbie questions

Wow thanks for the extremely fast and numerous replies. As well as the warm welcomes.
You guys are great! =]

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Old February 6th, 2008, 07:45 AM
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Default Re: A few newbie questions

Welcome, and your right, I don't think there is a Newbie FAQ here.... hum...

But anyways, several memebers already gave lots of good advice, but hey, figured I throw in my .02

1. If the smoke seems harsh or the flavor weak, cold water &/or ice can help cool it down and bring out more flavor. Downside - too much cold kills the taste completely.

2. Tobacco should be kept in a cool place, but not neceassary in the fridge. Fridge's tend to draw out any moisture it can, if your tobacco isn't in a 100% air-tight container, it may dry out and become useless. A Drawer is a good place, but if it's too warm, look for a cooler place (like in the back of your closet or under your bed).

3. Smoking anything is possibly dangerious. Herbal hookah matierals are typically made from sugar cane mulch, which no-one really knows if it's any safer than tobacco to smoke. Alot have tried Soex (herbal) and dislike it alot. Some have smoked it and found it acceptible. It's up to personal taste.

4. Don't use dish soap as it could leave a residue that may get harmful when warmed up (release vapors). I tend to use warm lemon juice, hot water, sometimes baking soda to clean my hookah. Check inside your stem & make sure no gunk is building up, but other than that, you got it nailed.
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Old February 7th, 2008, 12:10 PM
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Default Re: A few newbie questions

1. I wont repeat the first answer its been said enough lol

2. On a web site I order from they have a section of hookah tips and tricks one of them is to put your shisha in the fridge. I not only smoke hookah but I also dip skoal and idk why but putting the skoal in the fridge before use seems to make it much better and I would assume it works the same for shisha. I have not tried it yet but I have a new order coming in this week and you guessed it! its going in the fridge! Its worth a shot to me cuz if it works for chewing tobacco it should work for smoking tobacco!

3. If you want you can order cleaning brushes from many hookah web sites to improve cleaning but you seem to have it down

Good Luck
Hookah King 13
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Old February 7th, 2008, 10:07 PM
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Default Re: A few newbie questions

Thanks for all the great replies!

At the moment I'm learning the ropes with my $40 factory made piece of **** =]
It does the job and I don't have the need or the funds for anything better.
Just 1 more question if you guys don't mind.

I'd love to buy a bulk of Al Fakher, as I have heard great things, does anybody know where I could get any? I've had a read of the tobacco thread but I'm not sure if those companies send world wide? Or just the U.S ?
Also, where is the best place to purchase a nice collection of Al Fakher and have it sent to Australia?

Greatly Appreciated.
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